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A partnership that keeps getting warmer

A partnership that keeps getting warmer


Since day one, Kombi has brilliantly combined “warmth” technology and design to bring the best in winter accessories to the entire family. As early as the 1980s, KOMBI was one of the first brands to join forces with W. L. Gore & Associates — makers of the GORE-TEX ® brand — and add a breathable waterproof membrane to a number of its products. From the get-go, our commitment has been to keep people warm all winter long with the warmest, comfiest, driest accessories possible. All that thanks to our long-lasting partnership with GORE, the leader in high-performance, durable, waterproof technologies whose promise, Guaranteed to Keep You Dry®, was right up our alley.


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For GORE, this partnership represents its commitment to working with cold weather accessory brand leaders. Kombi and GORE have a proven history of bringing affordable, high-quality, comfortable protection, to the coldest places on the planet. And today, we’re taking our 30-year partnership in a new and exciting direction. Going forward, we will take all of our knowledge gained through our glove and mitt partnership to leverage the newest R&D synergies, cross-marketing opportunities and sales associate training in new and exciting ways. Through our technologies and our pursuit of excellence and innovation, we will continue to make sure that anyone sensitive to the cold can live life to the fullest on the chilliest winter days, whether they’re in Montreal or in Greenland.

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