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The ultimate snow clothes for children

The ultimate snow clothes for children

There’s no surer sign that winter is here than the change in our morning routines. Out with the light fall jackets! In with serious snow gear, to keep our kids warm and teach them that winter’s no obstacle to outdoor fun – when you bundle up right! Here’s our seasonal list of go-to kid’s snow clothing that will have the little ones begging to throw on their new KOMBI gear to play outside or parade around daycare.


The right mittens for any weather

Enjoying winter is a cinch when your children’s snow clothes keep them at the right temperature. Not too cold, not too warm: the key is coupling the right insulation with moisture-wicking technology to stay dry.

In any weather, you can’t go wrong with a great waterproof mitten like The Snowfall 2 in 1! Its shell has a waterproof membrane to keep you dry in any weather, and the removable lining makes it great for milder days too. Another top choice is the Camp Children’s Knit Mitt, with stretch fleece lining for everything from skating to campfires! Perfect with a matching Camp knit toque inspired by the same Canadian knitting pattern.


Knit hats for every style

One great way to make sure your little ones don’t catch cold is buying snow clothes for children designed for the Canadian winter – like KOMBI knit hats.

Our aviator hat with an ultra-soft fleece lining is the ultimate way to beat the cold in style. This unisex model is adorable and practical, with an adjustable buckle that can handle even the strongest winds. Make sure to put this KOMBI classic on your list essential children’s snow clothes this winter.

Like a touch of whimsy in their winter wardrobe? There’s no resisting our animal ears beanies. They make the perfect match for our wonderful Tiny Hip Wool-Blend Mittens. Paired with an eclectic knit hat, the Animal Family mittens will let your kids showcase their wild side.

Planning an evening outside? Our children’s Peruvian hat is perfect for family outings. This lovely number keeps kids’ ears warm and features a reflective pompom to make sure they’re always safe and visible. When you find snow clothes for children that bring that kind of peace of mind, there’s only one possible answer: yes!


Warm and toasty, head to toe

The best way to prevent frostbite is making sure your beloved little ones don’t have any skin exposed. So don’t forget to add our ultra-soft extra-comfy neck-warmer to your list of must-have snow clothes for children!

Finish your winter shopping by giving a well-loved child on your list the KOMBI snuggly fleece set. Made of a thin yet warm fabric, it’s just the kit for playing comfortably outside all winter long.

In Canada, complaining about the cold just might be our national sport. But with quality children’s winter clothing there’s no reason not to get the whole family out playing in the snow together!


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