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These warmth technologies bring you the warmest gloves this winter.

These warmth technologies bring you the warmest gloves this winter.


Having the warmest gloves possible is an absolute must for winter lovers. Teaming up a high-tech glove with some handy features like vent pockets, wrist leashes, and Powerpoint® Touch is a surefire way to keep your hands happy in the warmest gloves!


KOMBI Canada brings you the warmest gloves available by proudly partnering with industry leaders in material technologies.


Gore-Tex – Stay warm by staying dry.

Gore-Tex is simply the highest level of waterproofing available. Torrential rain and heavy snowfall are no match for this marvel. Your hands will stay comfortable and dry no matter what you’re doing thanks to the innovative waterproofness, windproofness, and breathability. KOMBI Canada has a wide range of Gore-Tex products, which makes them some of the warmest gloves on the market.


GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ – Keeps cold wind away.

With its ultra-thin, lightweight membrane, GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ is a totally windproof material. Yup, that’s right, totally windproof! We all love cozy materials like fleece and knitwear, but these materials offer very little wind protection. The best way to keep your hands protected from icy winds is to keep the wind completely out. Make sure your next pair of gloves are the warmest gloves around by using GORE-TEX INFINIUM™.


Primaloft – Insulates even when wet.

Goose Down is an extremely warm, natural insulation, best used in cold and dry conditions. PRIMALOFT, the warmest synthetic insulation, is recommended in cold and humid conditions, as it will keep your hands warm and dry even if it gets wet. Choosing a glove with Primaloft will make sure that you have the warmest glove possible for any adventure!


Wool blendThe natural way.

Sometimes the simple and natural way is best. Wool blend is used in the lining of some of our warmest gloves due to its fantastic properties. It has the unique ability to regulate your body temperature. Your hands will be kept warm when you’re walking on the street, but not too hot once you step inside. It naturally wicks moisture away, which greatly reduces odor-causing bacteria, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh.


We all have different uses and demands for our gloves. Some need vents and wrist leashes for when they’re skiing, and some need Powerpoint® Touch to use their smartphone in cold conditions. However, no matter the use, we can all agree that having the warmest gloves possible is essential for everyone.


KOMBI Canada offers gloves for every situation and combines them with the best technologies to create the warmest gloves on the market today.

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