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Top 4 indicators of quality kids winter gloves

Top 4 indicators of quality kids winter gloves

With so many materials and technologies on the market, we can often find ourselves asking “How do I know if I’m buying quality kids winter gloves?”


The best kids winter gloves have features that will keep your little ones happy all winter. Waterproof gloves are great as they keep our hands dry, which is important for any winter activity. Gloves with good insulation help to keep their hands warm and cozy when the temperature drops. Wind protection is the best defense for kids against those icy winter winds. Breathable gloves allow air to circulate naturally which allows for dryness.



Wet gloves and cold hands in winter can really ruin the perfect day out. Thankfully there are lots of technologies and materials available to make sure that your kids winter gloves are waterproof. Whether skiing, skating or exploring the outdoors, having dry hands is an absolute must. GORE-TEX is the highest level of waterproof technology on the market. The pores in the material are so small that water droplets can’t pass through. KOMBI Canada has also developed our own water-resistant membrane, WATERGUARD®. WATERGUARD® keeps your hands dry by preventing moisture seeping through the glove. A high level of waterproof protection is a sure sign of a high-quality kids winter gloves.



Warmth and insulation are highly sought after qualities when it comes to kids winter gloves. Keeping our little ones warm is very important to keep them happy all winter long. Thankfully there are lots of good indicators out there for warm kids winter gloves. Look out for gloves with PrimaLoft®, this material offers fantastic insulation, even when wet. Ultraloft® is KOMBI proprietary insulation and keeps kids winter gloves warm by using a lightweight microfibre solution to provide brilliant insulation.


Wind Protection

Sometimes the coldest part of winter isn’t the temperature; it’s actually the icy winds on our skin. High-quality kids winter gloves can provide some much-needed wind protection. WINDGUARD® is an advanced wind blocking membrane that offers top-class wind protection. Wind protection is awesome as it keeps the little ones smiling for longer, by keeping harsh winter winds out.



When playing outside in winter, kids can work up a sweat and overheat. This is why having breathable kids winter gloves is a great idea. Some of the best materials on the market, like WATERGUARD®, are very breathable. WATERGUARD® is a multifunctional technology developed by KOMBI Canada that allows moisture to escape the body, which helps with temperature regulation. A breathable glove also allows sweat to escape from your hands which helps in keeping them warm and comfortable. A really awesome feature for kids winter gloves.


Having a quality pair of gloves that allows your kids to stay outside for longer is a great way for them to get the most out of winter. Keep these features in mind next time you’re looking for kids winter gloves. You can be sure of finding a quality glove that will keep your little one laughing and playing all winter long, no matter the weather.

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