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Our Multi Collection is comprised of a large family of products to keep you warm, no matter the type of activities – sports or simple errands – in various types of weather conditions. The Collection is offering a large number of styles which allows you to find the model that is best suited for you.

Gloves & Mitts

Your everyday gloves and mittens, from ski slopes to backyard snow forts and everything in between. Long, mid or short cuff.

Base Layers

Our mid-weight MERINO BLEND is specially crafted for low to moderate intensity activities. It is a two-layer fabric, composed of soft polyester fibres on the inside, and a blend of polyester and merino wool on the outside.

Face and Neck Protections

A large offering of specialized and regular balaclavas, neck-warmers, liners and beanies.

Outdoor Socks

Heavyweight construction socks make of specialized and/or acrylic fibres.

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