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Company background
QWhere did KOMBI get its name?

Before we were KOMBI, we were the Gold Glove Company – proud Montreal-based glove makers since 1911. In 1961, a group of the company’s avid skiers got together and created a glove with knuckle protection for skiing (designed to shield the hands from downhill racing gates). At a time when branding was becoming more and more important, they launched a brand dedicated to ski gloves that they called KOMBI after their first design which combined the promise of warmth and function. Today, that promise continues to warm the hearts of Canadian families and winter lovers around the world.

QWhy did KOMBI change its logo and signature?

After 53-years, we decided to take the pulse of our brand and a good look at how the market and society are evolving. And while we’re always listening and adapting, this time we went on a 3-month long journey interviewing employees, consumers, sales reps, store owners and floor staff. What we discovered was that they all had a similar story: they saw us as a heart-warming brand that they grew up with. They helped us realize what we stand for and capture who we are to our customers. With these insights in mind, we decided to change our old logo (not without a few parting tears) for one that represents our true DNA. For more on Kombi’s makeover, check out our new brand video.

QWhat does your logo mean?

Finding a logo that represents who we genuinely are wasn’t easy. Over a hundred versions were made before we were able to say “this is it!”. We wanted our visual identity to convey warmth for the whole body and the human touch unique to KOMBI.

The top section represents the upper body and a shelter. The lower section represents a foundation, the lower body, and a smile! In the middle, KOMBI joins the upper and the lower bodies. It’s Kombi putting its heart and soul into everything we create for you.

Take a peak at our brand video to learn about Kombi’s rebranding in sound and images here.

QWhere do you manufacture your products?

We work with 15 factories located in China which we selected with great care. Many of them actually work exclusively for us as a joint venture and each is certified by an independent audit that ensures they meet international health and safety requirements. While our Montreal Production team visits our factories 3 to 4 times a year, we also have a Shanghai-based office of 9 dedicated experienced personnel who oversee the implementation of our quality standards and who maintain relations with our factories.

QHow can I submit a sponsorship request to KOMBI?

We are not currently recruiting new athletes to our team as we are embracing a new brand direction where the enjoyment of all winter sports is encouraged.

Feel free to send us an email to for any other sponsorship requests.

QHow does KOMBI give back to the community?

As a family business, the well-being of children is a cause we cherish. That’s why we are a proud partner of the Tremblant 24 H, the North American ski industry’s largest fundraising event. Tremblant 24 H is dedicated to improving the well-being of children who are sick or in need.

We are also involved in several community programs. We give to schools, homeless shelters and hospitals in need as well as the Amputee Society. Whether with products or funding, our give-back policy comes from the heart and flows directly from what our brand was built on: human warmth.

Finding the right products
QWhat's my glove size?

Check out our size chart and remember that size matters. If your gloves are too tight and airflow is restricted, your hands will get cold. If a glove feels a wee bit big, you’re better off because it will promote blood circulation, which keeps you warm!

QMy hands are always cold! What is your warmest gloves?

So here’s the big question. There isn’t one perfect answer because warmth depends on individual blood circulation, on weather conditions and on your activity levels. But what we can say, is that our insulated gloves and mitts with a Comfort Level of 4 are typically the warmest. They feature the most advanced water and wind protection such as GORE-TEX® with the best insulation (Primaloft® or KOMBI Down) for maximum warmth.
Here are some tips to keep your hands toasty:
• Down is the warmest insulation but if your hands sweat, opt for a synthetic insulation like Primaloft® or Ultraloft® over it. Even better, combine that with one of our best-in-class waterproof and breathable membranes like GORE-TEX® or Waterguard® .
• Try a mitt instead of a glove. Less surface area and fewer seams mean less heat loss! Just keep in mind that gloves tend to offer more dexterity.
• Gloves conserve heat but don’t produce it. Add heat with a Kombi heat pack or liners.
• Do your gloves actually fit? Size matters. A pair that’s too tight will restrict airflow and leave your hands feeling cold.

QWhat's the warmest base layer?

Our Primaloft® Body 3 base layer is one of the warmest options out there and we’re actually the first to market it. Ultra-fine polyester fibers are woven into a luxuriously soft performance yarn that’s finer even than cashmere,

As for kids and junior, our Body 3 Snuggly Fleece+ uses the warmth and softness of our famous neck warmers in a base layer keeping a smile on rosy cheeks. Our Body 2 Merino Wool is also an excellent option, tried, true and trusted by consumers over the years.

QWhat are your warmest socks?

KOMBI socks are made of different materials (KOMBI wool blend, drirelease® Merino Wool or Primaloft®) and come in 3 weights. A Primaloft® heavy weight sock will typically keep you warmer because of its level of insulation and materials. That said, our light cushioned socks will keep a hard-core skier who may sweat more just as warm because of It’s high-wicking capability. Check out our Comfort Levels to find the right sock for you. Just remember that wet or tight boots are your feet’s worst enemy, and that socks can’t save you from the cold if your boots aren’t helping.

QWhat's the temperature associated with each of the Comfort Levels?

While other brands provide temperature ratings – and as much as we appreciate that clarity – we learned from speaking with consumers in the city and on ski slopes that warmth is almost impossible to accurately categorize with ratings. That’s because warmth depends on a person’s own physiognomy, besides temperature, humidity, wind conditions, and activity levels. We hate to disappoint which is why we decided not to include temperature ratings. And with our Comfort Levels, we’re still able to suggest the best winter accessory for your needs!

QDo you make heating gloves?

We did make heating gloves in 2012 and 2013, but our 2013 production was affected by a voluntary recall. We are actively looking to find another partner with whom we can work to bring KOMBI heating gloves back. As an alternate solution, try our heat pack hand warmers, or adding a liner to your gloves.

QThe retailer near me doesn't sell the product I want. What do I do?

Find the product in our Product section, and then click on “Find a store“. Once you’ve selected a retailer, call first to see if they have the product in your preferred colour and size. If they have it in stock, ask them to hold it for you. If a retailer nearby doesn’t carry what you’re looking for, go to the Contact Us section of our website and send us a message, including the details of the product you want. Unfortunately, some stores do not offer KOMBI products for contractual reasons. If this is the case with your store, we’ll send you the names of other retailers that carry our products in your area.

QWhere can I find out about KOMBI’s extended 5 year warranty?

For all information regarding KOMBI’s 5 year  warranty for manufacturing defects, click here .

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