Take a fresh look at winter

All eyes on winter

We know winter sports—and we’ve been with you on the hills since 1961. Our expertise has led us to broaden our product horizons and today, we’re proud to be the only Canadian brand on the market to offer high-quality technical goggles.

Performance and technology continue to be at the heart of everything we do. And everything we do is so that you can enjoy the best winter experience on your skis, snowboard and everything in between.


With the right VLT, you’ll never look back

When you’re gliding down the slopes, it’s crucial to see exactly where you’re going. That’s why our goggle lenses are available in various shades featuring visible light transmission (VLT).

Depending on lighting and weather conditions, each colour filters light differently. Say goodbye to low visibility on a powder day or being blinded by the glare of the sun.

From 4 to 0, look for the number that best suits your needs.


Visible light transmission

The VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating of an individual lens will range anywhere from 0 percent to 100 percent. Lower percentages mean that a pair of ski goggles will allow less light to pass through. Higher percentage ratings indicate that a pair of ski goggles will allow more light to pass through.

Lens Technology

We’ve created our goggles so you can make the most out of the season, every day, no matter the conditions.

You can now slide through strong winds, powdery snow, blinding sun and icy weather with ease.

What's your type?


Combination of cylindrical and spherical. The curve of the toric lens has fewer surface points for UV rays to penetrate. Less fog because of medium volume between your face and the lens. Most optical lens choice.


These lenses offer a classic look, curving horizontally while remaining flat vertically. They are designed to sit close enough to your face to still provide you with a larger field of vision.


These lenses curve both horizontally and vertically around the face, giving the goggles a bubbled look. They have peripheral vision, reduced glare, and no distortion.


Introducing the PRO-ACT goggles

Value pack containing 4 different lenses for only $249.95

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