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Go in style this season with these classic winter hats

Go in style this season with these classic winter hats

In Quebec, it is well known that the climate can be a challenge. In summer, it is HOT! Then in winter, it is COLD. We all try to keep calm as best as we can, but it is only natural that the climate we face on a daily basis makes us want to disappear forever to a tropical island. A harsh climate means that protection from the elements is essential. The Order of Dermatologists of Quebec constantly reminds us of the importance of wearing sunscreen during heat waves, but what about during blizzards? Fortunately, KOMBI is here to remind you why a hat is essential in our opinion. We wouldn’t want you to catch a cold… We specified winter hat, right?


Please note: KOMBI does not suggest that these winter hats should replace adequate sports protection (like a helmet to protect your precious skull.) In fact, full cognitive abilities have never been so cool as in 2019. Nevertheless, these fashion elements will fit like a glove (or a hat) into your winter wardrobe.


KOMBI offers you winter hats for all sports

The winter hat with lapels for the curling enthusiast

The classic design! Who hasn’t had this winter hat in their arsenal? This hat is incredibly simple with a timeless design. But why reinvent the wheel when you already have the recipe for sliced bread?

We all know the curler in our life as the well-respected father figure who gets up on Sunday morning at 5:00 am to accurately propel polished stones while sweeping the ice briskly as if his life depended on it. Being a father figure also means a mustache finely trimmed to the nearest millimeter. What a striking look it is to see the man in our lives, going in style with a classic winter hat combined with a timeless facial hair!

The hipster winter hat for the hockey player

Well, we know hockey players and their famous unconventional style. That’s not new. As early as the 1980s, hockey players were going in style and expressing themselves with their own unique look. Even if today’s players are a little less adventurous, we must admit that they have kept some of their extravagant elements. This is particularly the case for wearing mid-calf socks and sandals. Really, who could knowingly engage in such sacrilege other than a hockey player! We all wonder about that. Except maybe them…

One influence from the hockey world that has crossed over into the mainstream is the hipster back cap. We’re all familiar with this style of letting your hair grow long and brushed backward to keep your forehead clear. When wearing the cap the long hair can be seen flowing out the back. This is the classic hipster hockey player look.


The winter fisherman’s hat for the urban photographer

One would have thought that the urban photographer would have been able to pick himself up a hipster winter hat. After all, isn’t taking monochrome shots of the city armed with his 35mm camera and publishing them on Instagram the ultimate definition of being a hipster in itself? A real hipster is one who is too underground to even realize that he can define himself as a mainstream hipster. It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t have to be forced. And for these types of individuals, we have exactly what they need.

The main characteristic of the fisherman’s hat is that its edges are rolled up and the ears are exposed. Ideal for going in style in the city this winter. While always keeping an eye open for that perfect shot.


The slouch winter hat for the ultimate wrinkle-free ride

The slouch winter hat, as its name suggests, consists of letting it all flow backward. For this purpose, it’s longer than other winter hats. Here, the carefree attitude rules supreme. We’re baggy, we’re loose. Who else could you imagine having this style, but a pure and hard rider?

We did not specify a winter sport because strictly speaking a rider is a category in itself. He can just as easily be the guy who spends 12 hours in a row in the snow park of Mount Avila on twin-tips. Or the guy who meets with his buddies and a case of beer in a lost field in Magog, trying to determine if a couch can be pulled by a Ski-Doo.


The high top winter hat for the alpine hiker

The high top winter hat consists of wearing the hat as high as possible on the head without it falling off. For someone who aspires to climb the highest mountain peaks, an interesting parallel can be drawn. The fact that this winter hat is raised means that the ears are semi-exposed most of the time. This is the right place for the hiker who wants to keep a little warmth while going in style during a sunny ascent.

It is also important to remember that this style is well suited with a casual outfit such as clean jeans and a beautifully patterned shirt (for non-sporting people who could have been left out.)
KOMBI reminds you, of course, that these styles don’t have to be followed to the letter. There is something for every person and every taste! You can be inspired by these ideas according to your personality. You can even get all these styles in your collection depending on your mood!

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