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How KOMBI warm mittens will help your kid love winter

How KOMBI warm mittens will help your kid love winter

With winter right around the corner, your kids are going to need good quality mittens. After all, they’ll be playing everywhere all winter, from the house to the backyard to the schoolyard. KOMBI offers a wide selection of warm mittens that your kids will love. Our fun, colourful mitts will protect your kids’ hands so they can enjoy the outdoors all winter!


Ready for anything with our ultra warm mittens

With our flexible and resistant mittens, you no longer have to worry about your kids staying warm in the depths of winter. (Great news, right?) Our mitts are lined with breathable microfibre and are specially designed to keep your kids’ hands warm and dry during their favourite winter activities—and to give you some peace of mind. And since KOMBI is a homegrown Canadian company, our innovative mittens are designed with the harsh conditions of Canadian winters in mind. They feature a waterproof membrane and long cuffs with elastic hems, so that your kids can run around and play with their friends without getting snow inside their mitts. Our high-performance insulation also offers the ultimate amount of comfort so that your kids can make snow angels, play a game of pick-up hockey, start a snowball fight and whatever else they fancy—all while feeling confident in their movements. Let the winter memories begin, with our wide range of KOMBI mittens!


Mittens with a personality

Our playful line of mittens, The KOMBI Animal Family Collection, are a sure-fire hit with kids and grownups alike. Give your child the freedom to define their own style and start building their self-confidence. Imagine the smiles and pride on your child’s face when they find their favourite creature or the animal that reflects their own personality. With a huge range of animals to choose from—including sharks, foxes, dogs, kittens, bunny, raccoon, moose, and pandas—there’s really something for everyone. Added bonus: no more meltdowns when you tell your kids they need to bundle up! Our mittens look so cool that your kids will be begging to put them on. The insides of these mitts feature a red thumb to help your kids learn to slide their hands into the right place, preparing them for when they have to start fending for themselves at school. Little by little, these small steps toward independence will encourage your kids to get dressed on their own and be more confident in their style. Not a fan of animals? Our classic Canadian-style Camp Knit Mitt is also available for the whole family and features stretch fleece lining. Your kids will feel a sense of pride and belonging as soon as they put them on!


Fun at your fingertips with our mittens

Our trendy mittens are perfect for school outings, like outdoor snow activities, skating, nature hikes, trips into town or sitting around a winter campfire. Their stylish look and extreme comfort will make your kids the envy of the playground. And with so much confidence, they won’t be afraid of the cold anymore and can start fully enjoying all the fun that winter has to offer!

This winter, feel like a kid again with our KOMBI gloves! With our ultra warm mittens, you and your kids will be loving winter in no time.

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