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Get your snow game on.

Get your snow game on.

Snow fights are the essence of childhood. And no other movie has captured the spirit like Snowtime. First released in the 1984 under the name “The Dog Who Stopped the War”, it immediately became a cultural reference in Quebec. Everything was dead-on: the cast, the plot, the characters and the location. To this day, famous lines from the move can be heard on the streets and it remains an iconic piece of pop culture for most thirty and fourtysomethings in the province.


This piece of movie anthology is now being remade in 3D and at Kombi, we couldn’t possibly be more excited. This means a whole new generation will grow up with the same winter magic as we did, and that winter will once again mean playing outside instead of spending too much time on video games.


And what better way to celebrate SNOWTIME!’s release than our brand new special edition tuques, replicating the character’s caps. This partnership between SNOWTIME! and KOMBI was a natural fit: two winter-loving brands from Quebec coming together to create unique pieces that can be worn proudly. At KOMBI, we had a blast designing and manufacturing the super warm and comfy tuques that will make adults and kids alike look like their favourite SNOWTIME! character. All ten models are sold exclusively at Sports Experts and Intersport retailers. Here’s an overview of the collection. Go ahead, try to resist.



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