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The Nomad Collection

The Nomad Collection

Introducing Nomad, our brand new collection of ultraportable warmth, available exclusively at La Maison Simons. Nomad includes a tuque, mittens, a scarf and warm socks. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, right? But here’s the beauty of Nomad: when not in use, these accessories can be packed into the small carry bag and clipped anywhere, thanks to a handy karabiner. Winter accessories that are easy to transport and barely take up space…you’re welcome 😉

Why Nomad? Because like you, our down accessories are always ready for action. Wherever the day takes you, with Nomad you’ll always have your warm accessories on hand—without all the bulk. Available in black, silver streaks and burgundy , the Nomad collection will keep you warm around town, at the cottage and everywhere in between.

With Nomad, you won’t have any excuses to stay in!

Shop the collection HERE.

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