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Winters Outside

Winters Outside

Confessions of a Blache family winter.

Take a couple in Montreal, their urban lifestyle and winters spent largely inside. Now add two cheerful toddlers. That changes the game, doesn’t it? This is the story of the Blache family. Kombi’s mission: to help them through the long winter and maybe, just maybe fall under its spell.


What does winter mean to you?

When we met, we spent winters inside. Our lifestyle was more urban: we’d head to local cafés, restaurants or settle in to TV marathons cozied up in the living room. Having kids, shook up our vision of the whole thing. We had to learn to love winter. Let’s just say that it didn’t come naturally to us. We had to slowly nurture an appreciation. You learn to enjoy the city. We go skating, tobogganing, and play in snow banks. We even bring the children to day-care on a sled now. It’s fantastic – they love it. Just to see them laugh with delight makes our day! And then there’s cocooning, gathering together happy and warm to watch the snow fall. That one, we’re good at it…


What’s annoying about winter?

Dressing the kids! Especially Raphael, who cries as soon as his coat’s on him. In the morning, we have to factor in all the time it takes getting our little ones dressed so as not to be late. But then playing outside happily bundled up allows us not only to get through the winter, but also to appreciate it and enjoy all those family activities that bring us together.


Any plans for this winter?

It’s hard to believe, but this year we decided to rent a cottage in Quebec. No plane, no beach. Just us and the snow! I’ll finally find out what it’s all about: snow-covered lakes, white as far as the eye can see, peace and tranquillity… until everyone’s awake.


Do you think we get used to the cold?

Yes, and I really think we’ve come a long way since we had our kids. In my opinion, the more time you spend outdoors, the more you acclimatize to the cold and enjoy winter. It’s as simple as that. It’s all about how you live it. And that’s what makes us all so unique. And I like to think, even warmer!


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